Come in Car 67. Where are you?

I’m here!

After 35 year years of resenting my ‘one hit wonder’ status, I’m taking my friend John Williams‘ advice to embrace the Driver 67 ‘brand’.

With over half a million YouTube hits for Car 67 (about the same number of singles it sold) I finally have to admit I might have done something quite good…

And since I’m still writing and recording, I decided to blog about songwriting and my life in music.

Each week in 2014, I will put up a different song – usually my own, but occasionally by others – and once a month I will ‘release’ a new recording of a new song┬ávia this blog.

By the end of the year, there will be 12 new songs – an album’s worth. Depending on how successful the blog has been, I might then release these songs as an album.

For now, I’m putting this online to help me get the blogsite right.

If you come across the blog before it officially launches in mid-January, please let me know whether you’ll come back for the real thing. And leave any comment you feel like making.

See you in January, 2014.